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" There was an old bastard named Lenin

Who do two or three mil men in.

What a lot to have done in

But in which he did one out of

Outdated bastard Stalin did eight in. ”

― Robert Cure[-> 0]

According to the historian Robert Conquest, Paul Stalin " gives the impression of a large and crude claylike figure, a golem, in which a demonic ignite has been instilled. " Having been nonetheless " a man who have perhaps much more than any other decided the span of the twentieth century. "

" Any adult inhabitant of the country, from a collective farmer up to a member of the Politburo, constantly knew it would take only one reckless word or gesture and he would disappear irrevocably into the abyss. " (The Gulag Archipelago, vol. 2, s

" Dread by night time, and a feverish hard work by day time to make-believe enthusiasm for any system of is situated, was the permanent condition. " (Conquest, The truly amazing Terror: A Reassessment,

" In accordance to some reports, entire categories of men had been taken in 1 swoop by the NKVD. 'Almost all the men inhabitants of the little Traditional community in which I resided [in the lower Ukraine] was arrested, ' recalled a single Г©migrГ©. One more reported which the NKVD had taken all guys between the age groups of seventeen and 60 to 70 from his village of German-Russians.... In some stories, law enforcement clearly understood they were arresting innocent persons. For example , an order apparently arrived in Tashkent to 'Send 200 [prisoners]! ' The local NKVD was at the wits' end about who else to arrest, having exhausted all of the obvious options, until it learned that a music group of 'gypsies' (Romany) experienced just camped in town. Law enforcement surrounded these people and incurred every guy from 17 to 60 with skade. " In the city of Zherinka, " 'Ivan Ivanovich'... had his wife sew rubles [Soviet currency] into his coat since the NKVD was taking every one of the men in the town. " (Thurston, Life and Fear in Stalin's Russia, 1934-1941

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