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Necessity engineering Exercise – the POS System option Problem Description

A DETRAS (Point-Of-Sale) product is a computer system typically accustomed to manage the sales in retail stores. It provides hardware components for instance a computer, a bar code scanner, a printer and also software program to manage the operation of the store. The standard function of any POS system is to handle product sales. When a buyer arrives at a POS counter with products to purchase, the cashier will start a new sale transaction. If the barcode of any good can be read by the POS system, it will retrieve the name and price of the good through the backend listing system and interact with inventory system to deduce the stock amount of this great. When the deal transaction is over, the customer will pay in funds, credit card or perhaps check. Following the payment is successful, a invoice will be published. Note that intended for promotion, your local store frequently concern gift discount codes. The customer may use the discount coupons for a better price the moment purchasing products. Another function of a Point of sale software is to manage returns… A user must log in to use the POS. The users of a POS system are the personnel of the store including cashiers and the officer. The manager can gain access to the system management functions from the POS system which include user administration and protection configuration that cashiers won't be able to do.

1 ) Context blueprints and interfaces. 1-a Establish the framework diagram with the application cashier Inventory system


Point of sale software

Catalogue system

good marketed Credit card program Bar code reader Printer

Context diagram as UML class plan

1-b Identify the interfaces of the software (to different systems/devices) Physical Printer Credit-based card system UNIVERSAL SERIES BUS 2 . zero Internet connection Procedural Data Formatting of receipt URL with web Formatting of credit rating service (SOAP – http card info sent, problem + xml), and SSL descriptions RPC retrieveProduct(String barcode) Inventory system RPC deduceAmount(String barcode, int amount) 1-c Describe the interfaces from the application (to users) Screenshot login Effect: boolean barcode: String

Catalog system

Screenshot sales

Newspaper receipt

1-d System style System style as free skecth

The POS system Barcode reader printer

Computer & sw

Credit card reader

System design as UML class diagram

Pos software +F1 Manage sales() +F2 Handle Coupons() +F3 Deal with Users()

Bar code Reader





installment payments on your User requirements. 2-a Specify the user requirements, notably utilizing a table with functional and non efficient requirements.

Necessity ID F1 F1. one particular F1. two F1. installment payments on your 1 F1. 2 . two F1. installment payments on your 3 F1. 3 F1. 4 F1. 5 F1. 6 F2 F2. you F2. a couple of

Description Handle sales Retrieve name and price great Handle repayment Handle repayment cash Take care of payment examine Handle payment credit card Produce receipt Examine bar code of good Deduce stock volume of good Figure out total amount Handle coupons Issue voucher Make price cut to discount owner

F3 F3. one particular F3. 2 F3. 3 F4

Control Users Deal with login Handle logout Define user, define user rights Needs even more analysis Take care of returns Requires more analysis


Every single function lower than ½ sec Secure obligations (F1. two to F1. 2 . 3) Warranty usage of functions simply to authorized users � f3

2-b Determine the user requirements. As an alternative to the technique over described every requirement with the following contact form (from 03_requirements slides) Name Description Input Output Action Precondition Postcondition Name Information Input Result Action Pre condition Post condition Barcode Name and price of product Gain access to backend catalog system and given bar code find and retrieve merchandise description Valid barcode (consistent with normal + corresponding product exists) Price and name of product readily available F1. 2 . 1 Deal with payment cash Amount to be paid, cash received In order to be given In the event that result fine, Add add up to be paid out to total amount of cash Cash received > sama dengan amount to end up being paid Amount of money (after payment) = amount of cash (before...

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