Prime Number and Rules Info

 Prime Quantity and Guidelines Data Composition


Patricia Lorica (Secretary)

CED 02 – 601P

Language and Literature Assessment







10 – forty seven

29 – 45

25 – 44

1 – 37

9 – thirty-six

23 – 35

five – 31

17 – 30

28 – 30

3 – 29

15 – twenty-eight

21 – 27

13 – 28

7 – 19

19 – seventeen

22 – 46

almost eight – 35

12 – 35

twenty six – 31

20 – 30

twenty-four – 30

30 – 26

18 – 25

4 – 21

18 – 20

2 – 17

twelve – 18

14 – 12

twenty-eight – 10

6 – 1

This kind of paper should compare the data's one particular and a couple of through comparative analysis. It is usually seen above the top items that obtained the most range of mistakes.

In rules data, there were 47 and 45 students whom got things number 10 and twenty nine wrong. In the same manner with the things data, in which 46 pupils got it wrong in item number twenty-two. Items eleven and 29 hold Dangling Modifier since the correct solution. Therefore , problem data articulates that Holding Modifier is one of the grammar and elegance that needs attention to the college students subjected with this analysis.

In conclusion, though there exists only slightly difference involving the two things. There's very much difference in the overall items between GUIDELINES data and ITEMS info. In rules data, almost all of the students received errors generally in most of the items compared to the products dat. We all noticed that the things in rules data seem more difficult compared to the items in items data.

70.  Dora Williams�

WHEN Reuben Pantier happened to run away and threw me personally

I attended Springfield. Presently there I achieved a luxurious,

Whose daddy just departed left him a fortune.

He married me personally when drunk. My life was wretched.

12 months passed and one day they found him dead.


That made me rich. We moved on to Chicago.

After a short time met Tyler Rountree, bad guy.

I advanced to Ny. A gray-haired magnate

Went mad about me—so an additional fortune.

He died one particular night correct in my hands, you know.


(I saw his magenta face for many years thereafter. )

There was almost a scandal. I...

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