Care of Elderly Persoen

 Care of Old Persoen Article




Writed by simply Monika Kacprzak


I am monika. I actually didn't turn into care associate out of choice but truly feel necesary. I had been trust into the role when ever my grand daddy become unable to care for him self. He suffered with multiple sclerosis. I was with him while he was dealing with all stages of that disease untill the afternoon when the muscle groups needed to breath of air stop working. Upon taht day time I decided to work with knowladge and expirience I gain to assist other people. The reasone so why I have decided to do this program is to learn a fulfillment from the special demands and requirements that are exclusive to seniors.

Introduction of the Client

The individual I have chose to write about is actually a man of 76 years old aand My spouse and i name his John, for the purpose of the task.

John is affected with high bloodstream presure(hypertension) and in addition high cholesterol. Therefore he needs to change his diet and regular physical activity. He has on glasses nevertheless just for a reading. His breathing great and memory function can be regular for a guy of his age. As well John had a surgery a few month hip replecement correct leg. As a result he has to walk with all the walking shape to release him from soreness.

Specific will need required for the activities of daily living

Maintaining a secure environment

John is currently a resident of any nursing residence. He lives here 6 months. John provides his personal room witch is dazzling and spaciaus(as he has to use jogging frame(of normal size approximetly 33”). In John space also is bathroom with bath. In his place alweys is usually 21 degrees temperature(this can be described as ideal temp for John).

The environment to get a older person should be secure. All open fire doors ought to be markered plainly within the builing and should reduce any obstructions, there should be flames alarm and blanket. Medications should be given dafely by nurses within the...

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