Research Study with Annotated Bibliography: Maslow Murray and Motivation

 Essay upon Research Study with Annotated Bibliography: Maslow Murray and Inspiration

Annotated Bibliography with Advantages

Kathleen Haynes

Walden School

Research, Theory, Design and Method

July 28, 2012

Research Pattern which has Annotated Bibliography Table of Contents

Annotated Bibliography Reference List

Brockman, E. F. (2011). Faculty members' rating with the effectiveness of educational straggles for university students with psychiatric afflictions. University of drugs & Dental treatment of New Shirt. Journal of Postsecondary Education and Incapacity 24(1), 43-52. Retrieved coming from: Get. D. Conway, M. & Pushkar, D (2007, Jan. 16). Motivation, interest, and positive influence in classic and non-traditional students. Consenso University. Adult Education Quarterly 57 141-157. Retrieved coming from: aeq. sagepub. com by Walden Library. Doi: 12: 1177/0741713606294235. Campbell-Whatley, G. G. (2008). Teaching students about their disabilities: Elevating self-determination abilities and self-concept. University of North Carolina at Charlotte. International Journal of Special Education 23(2). 137-144. Retrieved via: Erten, O. Facing (2011). Facing challenges: Experiences of small women with disabilities attending a Canadian university. McGill University, Montreal Canada. Journal of Postsecondary Education and Disability 24(2), 101-114 Gathered from: Hoffman, A. (2003). Educating decision making to students with learning afflictions by promoting self-determination. In ERIC Clearinghouse on Afflictions and Talented education. Arlington, VA: JOSHUA Identifier: ED 481859. Gathered from:

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Introduction to Proposed Analyze

Purpose Assertion for Proposed Study

Research Question with Justification to get viability

Central Question



Annotated Bibliography

Brockman, K. F. (2011). Faculty member's ratings of effectiveness of academic strategies for students with psychiatric disabilities. University of medicine & Dentistry of recent Jersey. Log of Postsecondary Education and Disability 24(1), 43-52. Recovered from: This research study examined the educational strategies which were used for learners with psychiatric disabilities. Faculty members had been surveyed in regards to what strategies that they used to allow for these pupils. Research has displayed barriers exist, and pupils with psychiatric disabilities might not have a visible disability, so a few do not believe that it is present, while others consider these students while dangerous and never belonging on a college grounds (p. 43). Many of these obstacles are ameliorated with proper strategies, result support, and accommodations. In looking at the strategies tried it is crucial to likewise look at the particular disciplines and academic adjustments to explore variations in academic approaches that are used (p. 43). Places to stay need to be customized...

References: Maslow, A. L. (1943) A theory of motivation. Internal Review 50(4) 370-396.

Murray, H. A. (1938). Explorations in personality NY: Oxford University Press

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