Respiratory Case Study - Chronic Bronchitis

 Respiratory Case Study - Long-term Bronchitis Article

Chapter several –Emphysema

Response 1:

O2 via NC for 2lpm

Inhaling and exhaling tx (Albuterol) q4h

CPT q4h

Postural Drainage of RLL

Keep an eye on closely intended for respiratory failing

Response a couple of:

Advise Intubation with mechanical venting

Order ABG in 30 minutes

Continue Albuterol q4h – Put Mucomyst q4h

CPT q4h

Patient provides severe circumstance of COPD with air trapping. Sufferer was clinically diagnosed previous to this kind of admission with Chronic Emphysema. Patient as well suffers from pneumonia. I placed patient on nasal cannula to correct low oxygen level. The patient was handed a bronchodilator and CPT q4h to advance secretions. Sufferers ABG examining suggested pending respiratory inability so monitoring of the affected person was vital. 2 times later, patients ABG's demonstrated that his status was rapidly deteriorating. I suggested intubation and mechanical ventilation with continuing bronchiohygiene therapies with added mucolytic (mucomyst) q4h. CPTs continued q4h.

Respiratory Protocol intended for patient with Chronic Bronchitis: Plan 1

Nebulizer treatment with Albuterol q4h

CPT q. 4h

Flutter/ Acapella q. 4h

NC @ 2 L

Plan two


Deep breathing treatment with Albuterol q4h

CPT q. 4h

Flutter/Acapella q. 4h

Plan several

Suggest Intubation

Breathing Treatment with Xopenex q4h

Upon admittance the patient exhibits indications of COPD with pursed-lip inhaling, barrel chest, etc . I gave the person a deep breathing treatment with Albuterol to dilate the airways and allow the heavy secretions to go. The CPT and Acapella will also become inhibitors to advance the people secretions. Even though I believe the patient to be a COPD patient, his blood gas show that he is uncompensated so I set him on a nasal cannula at two lpm. In the morning, the patient extended to worsen. His ABG showed an uncompensated large CO2 level. The patient was then place on a BiPAP to help hit off his CO2. This individual continued his treatment with Albuterol, CPTs and Acapella. Later that evening, the patient became hard to excite, his vitals were deteriorating...

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