Rett Syndrome

 Rett Affliction Essay


INDIAN PEDIATRICS 297 VOLUME 41__MARCH seventeen, 2004

stereotypic hand wringing and cleansing

movements. All her breakthrough virtually

regressed over one year after a great episode of

bronchopneumonia. Environmental factors

like fever has been reported to trigger the onset

of RS in genetically susceptible subjects,

nevertheless there are not much reports inside the

literature. Seizures are one of many supportive

criteria but these happen to be overestimated. Nonseizure

events just like twitching/jerking/head


pupillary dilatation/breath holding and

hyperventilation are often confused with

seizures(2). Role of video ELEKTROENZEPHALOGRAFIE is very

essential for diagnosis also to avoid the

overprescription and negative effects of

antiepileptic drugs. Myoclonus although

reported has not been characterized. Children

with RS are prone to sudden fatality. Prolonged

QT interval/low cardiovascular system rate/hyperventilation

and breath holding spells are important

aspects of this affliction.

Treatment is definitely symptomatic. Intended for seizures

lamotrigine is better. Alongside seizure control, it

enhances concentration(3). Children with Rett

syndrome have low levels of L-carnitine and

vitamin E. These two brokers have promising

role inside the management of Rett syndrome(4).

We likewise prescribed vitamin E and carnitine for

four a few months but the child did not demonstrate any

improvement. Subsequently the kid was put

on lamotrigine. After two months her sociable

interaction, aesthetic contact and language

superior, but there was no change in her

stereotypic hand motions. After couple of months

of treatment she confirmed significant

improvement in her social patterns.

K. T. Rana,

Meters. N. G. Nair,

Division of Pediatrics,

Armed Forces Medical College,

Pune 411 040, India.

E-mail: [email protected] company. in

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Analysis is essentially clinical and is based on...

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