Scavenger Hunt

 Scavenger Hunt Research Conventional paper

OLS and eCampus Scavenger Quest

Question you

What case or website link do you click on the student web page to access program materials? Click on the Classroom tabs, and then click on the Materials hyperlink. Question two

What case do you click to get to the University of Phoenix Selection? Library

Question 3

What document do you use to find what assignments are due within your class? Syllabus

Question some

Click the Collection tab, and after that click the School Library hyperlink. Scroll down to view the Selection Resources. Exactly what are the three major databases classified by General Solutions? ABI/Inform, Emerald, PsycARTICLES

Query 5

What tab do you click to get into the Center pertaining to Writing Excellence? Classroom

Issue 6

What tab will you click to gain access to your account details, such as the profile, pass word, and talk about? Account

Issue 7

Click the Library case, and then click the Center for Writing Brilliance link. Which of the subsequent is an automatic review services providing feedback on basic grammar and usage? Hint: Scroll to see the types of assessment services. WritePointsm

Question 8

How do you get the Main course forum in OLS?

Click the Discussion link.

Question 9

What OLS community forum is a non-public place for you to communicate with the facilitator? Specific

Question 10

What icon shows up coming to messages posted because of your facilitator? Graduation cap

Problem 11

What icon displays next to the messages posted by you?


Issue 12

Precisely what is the phone quantity to contact Pupil Technical Support? Hint: Scroll into Contact Us in the bottom of the student website. Just click Report a Problem, and then simply click Email Tech support team. 1-877-832-4867

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