Second Lifestyle Virtual Universe

 Second Lifestyle Virtual World Essay

п»ї1. Your Second Lifestyle site (secondlife. com) and identify EC activities generally there. In second life electronic world, user creating a citizen inside the electronic world, they can be a business creator or a purchaser; they can give goods to get sell, exchange information via the second your life virtual universe.

2 . Which in turn types of transactions happen to be observable at the site?

Inside second life we are able to find B2C, B2B ventures.

Second life using virtual money contact L$, consumer pay L$ to buy terrain or item, when retailer collected the virtual funds, seller can easily exchange L$ to CHF.

3. Which usually business versions are visible at the web page?

Electronic mall

Customer group together to build up a virtual shopping center for advertising their products. Digital community

four. If you were a travel agent, how would you utilize the web page? Create a electronic world map, point out some famous place and provide data.

5. Include your avatar communicate with five others; set a report with your experience.

An avatar is a digital, cartoon representation of yourself in Second Existence. When you become a member of Second Lifestyle, you have a typical set of prototypes to choose from. When you receive your avatar, then you can definitely go into " appearance mode” and change hair, skin, form, and garments. When joining Second Your life, every participant must consent to the Second Life Terms of Service, which usually outlines the principles that all virtual representations of personnel must follow. Rate of interest cap choose to take up the standard Second Life Terms of Service alone plus some opt to generate additional terms that describe a specific group, or company rules, just like prohibiting use of inappropriate components or simply allowing man avatars. Though operating within the Second Life environment could possibly be challenging at first, it's easy to get the hang of all the so-called movements that you'll be using within a business environment—walking, sitting, teleporting, etc . Second Life is a rich-immersive environment that enables lots of communication stations, including equally text conversation, and 3D IMAGES...

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