Functional Book Review Why Don't We Listen Better by James Petersen

 Practical Book Review Why Don’t We Hear Better simply by James Petersen Essay

Practical Book Review One:

Adam Petersen

Presented to

Doctor Marcus Exceder

Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary

Lynchburg, VA

In Part fulfillment

From the requirements pertaining to the course

PACO five-hundred Introduction to Pastoral Counseling

Simply by

Margaret Tlusty

February, 2012


My personal Summary

Petersen, David C. 2007. Why don't we listen closely better? Communicating and hooking up in human relationships. Tigard, OR PERHAPS: Petersen Guides.

James Petersen (2007) uses five parts to explain the speaking and listening to help us process a great way of connecting and understanding each other. They may be provided to help us connect in our human relationships with other folks. According to Petersen, many of us think we listen well, but we don't. Not necessarily hearing what others write, can be harmful for relationships and how people feel toward the other person. In Part A single, Petersen provides an impressive " Level Brain Theory of Emotions” that clarifies how each of our mind performs and what are the results with it to make all of us act just how we do and in the manner we talk to others. " In my experience, understanding how this mixture of thinking and feeling impacts us and our relationships goes far towards reducing our schisme and disconnect. It gives hints about how to communicate the concerns and the way to listen and so others can calm down, think, and action more clearly” (11). In Part Two, Petersen uses his creative credit cards for aiding the interaction process. The actual of the greeting cards is to support us become better listeners and currently taking turns listening and discussing. It is important to pay attention first extensively before speaking with others. " If you pay attention while the other person discussions, you not just get a better picture of what the additional is saying, however, you gain time in the back of your mind figure out what you think-before it's the turn to talk”(58). This way you may respond with a genuine solution because you truly listened to the particular person needed to say. Part Three offers basic approaches of hearing for us to use and find out those that work best pertaining to our own style. It gives diverse examples of using them in our talking and hearing experiences. There are two amounts of communicating which have been explained: 1st level is definitely the exchange details and the second is a more deeply level of trusting and revealing our accurate feelings and spirit. In some parts four and five, Petersen puts it all together with cases on how to utilize the process of talking and listening effectively. He gives types of how to use his theory of " Smooth Brained Syndrome” to get over issues and individuals with the affliction. In the end, he shows you how becoming a better person who good things happen due to having great communication skills. He uses types of different instances that can affect our hearing skills in several ways as well as how to approach these scenarios. Petersen says " that if the insides match your outsides, then what you say is what you mean. When you can be this way with people within your listening romantic relationship, it's just like creating, a substantial fund in the bank that others can easily draw on invest in their own lives” (211).

YOU! My own Reflection

After looking over this book, I possess gathered a whole lot of information on communicating with other people along with with my very own family. After being and so overwhelmed through this class with directions and handouts I don't actually understand; it was refreshing to learn something that is simpler. I have never a new problem not really listening to people, even when they did. I have a friend that telephone calls me every day and I tune in to all the things which can be going wrong in her lifestyle and I make an effort to give my own advice, nevertheless I can never get a term in advantage wise very long for her to hear what I write. It's a extremely frustrating circumstance, however My spouse and i never have told her how I believed and I let her take action. I am not sure how come God still has her in my life, however there has to be a...

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