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Siberian Tiger

Panthera Tigris Altaica

Alejandra Benavides

Biology Class Period 7 • September 26, 2012

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The Siberian gambling, also known as the Amur tiger, is a tiger subspecies inhabiting mainly inside the mountain location of Primorski Krai in eastern Russian federation. The population has become stable even more more than a decade as a result of intensive preservation efforts. Online surveys from 2006 indicate the tiger human population is weak, showing the species continues to be endangered. Contrary to the Bengal tiger, the Siberian gambling very rarely eats humans. Despite their fearsome reputation, they will try to avoid human beings. However , those that do assault humans are often sick, or live in areas where their prey has vanished.

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Description and Taxonomy p. 3

Populace Status and Distribution p. 4

Ecology, Habitat, and Niche p. 4

Dangers to Survival p. your five

Conservation and Recovery Strategies p. 6th

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Importance to People g. 7

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Description and Taxonomy

Siberian tigers, also known as Amur tigers, are the world's largest cats. They can expand up to 13 feet in length and weight up to seven-hundred pounds. Woman Siberian tigers measure about 8. five feet in length and grow up to 500 pounds on average. The Siberian tiger's lemon skin color is paler than that of other tiger varieties; it also features widely spaced brown stripes rather than dark-colored. Siberian tigers have white colored hair on the chest, and a solid layer of hair about their necks. Their heavy fur the layer of fat that surrounds the stomach, enables them to survive the harsh, Siberian winter temperature ranges that can drop down as low as -46 degrees Celsius. In their natural habitat, a Siberian tiger can meet 25 years.

A Siberian Tiger's main foodstuff of origin include elk, deer, wild boar, lynx, and keep. They can as well eat rabbits, fish, and small rodents when greater and larger prey is scarce. Siberian tigers can eat up to 128 pounds or 50 kilos of meats in one food. They can run up to a acceleration of 50 kilometers per hour. Nevertheless , they're only able to manage at this acceleration for short distances. They may have excellent nighttime vision and hunt largely at night. They also have a highly produced sense of smell and hearing. Each time a cub in the event born, they may be born impaired and are the dimensions of about house cat. Their teeth start to increase and their sight start to open up when they're about 2 weeks old. They start hunting on their initially year although do not leave their mothers and build new areas until they can be between a few and five years old.


Population Position & Division

Most of the Siberian tiger population, approximately many of these, primarily stay in the birch woodlands in the Primorski Krai region of eastern The ussr, though some exist Chinese suppliers and North Korea. In 2005, it had been estimated that the number of Siberian

tigers living in the crazy was between

400-500 tigers. Recent analysis shows

the numbers will be stable. A Siberian

Tiger's territory can be as great since 1, 500

square kms; they need to cover vast

areas whilst hunting in order to find their


Ecology. Habitat. Niche.

Tigers live alone and use strongly scent-mark large territories to keep their competition away. A tiger may possibly occupy similar territory for several years if foodstuff sources are stable. In the event that prey is usually scarce, a Siberian tiger often migrates hundreds of kilometers before settling for seafood and small rodents. Both female and male tigers mark their territories with urine and by scratching trees; only man tigers defend their areas against various other males. Male tigers concentrate on the most important parts such as a female's territory or possibly a source of abundant food. The male tiger is definitely solitary, ignoring other guys. They live within the coniferous, scrub walnut and birch woodlands with the Primorski Krai region of Russia. The temperatures for the reason that area of The ussr can fall as low was -46 levels Celsius or -50 degrees Fahrenheit.


Threats to Survival


The Siberian Tiger's troubles begin...

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