South Africa: Gross domestic product, Growth Charge, Fiscal Policy, Monetary Insurance plan, Unemployment, Pumpiing Rate, Recommendations to Improve Southern Africa's Economic system

 South Africa: Gross domestic product, Growth Price, Fiscal Insurance plan, Monetary Plan, Unemployment, Pumpiing Rate, Recommendations to Improve Southern Africa’s...




2010 10 08

Nation Briefing: SOUTH AFRICA


Vilnius, 2010

In this region briefing I will present South Africa – a country from Sub-Saharan African place. GDP and Growth rate

South Africa knowledgeable a lot of economic downturns since the eighties. The graph bellow shows South Africa's GDP expansion rate – in 2009 it absolutely was -1. 8% because of the financial disaster in the world. As 2007 South Africa has skilled an electricity crisis which in turn led to further more economic downturns. The highest recession since 1980, was in 1992, the GDP growth price was -2. 1% because of the South Africa's gold exploration crisis. The region is in the 147th place in evaluation to the community by the GDP growth level. It is a very low rank. Nevertheless , now the GDP is growing and is likely to grow in the future. GDP progress rate, Data retrieved from: The IMF Data Mapper, on 19th September 2010 As you can see from the graph bellow, South Africa‘s GDP depending on PPP per capita offers experienced stable growth since the 1980s right up until recently. During 2009 To the south Africa‘s total GDP was $505. several billion and in comparison for the world by this criteria it is in the twenty sixth place. It is a very high ranking and this means that S. africa is doing pretty much based on items and services produced in the country. GDP based per household in 2009 was $10. three hundred and in comparison to the community it is in the 106th place. The ranki s regarding in the middle. Curently the GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT based on PPP is stll growng and it is expected to develop the future.

GDP based on PPP, Information gathered from: The IMF Data Mapper, in 19th Sept. 2010 2010 Financial Policy

Southern region Africa's spending budget summary

As you can see from the stand bellow, Southern Africa's earnings during 2009/2010 was 642 990 , 000, 000 but their expenditures exceeded the revenues simply by 95 573 million therefore there was a deficit within their budget. During 2010/2011 Southern Africa's spending budget is believed to be a bit...

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