Ways to Conserve Energy

 Essay regarding Ways to Preserve Energy

Linda Boyd

AIU On the web

Unit your five DB

Prof. Alexander

September 21, 2013

We are in the State of Louisiana and our electric comes by Entergy formally Gulf States Resources. Entergy gives electric for the declares of Illinois, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Orleans and Arizona. Entergy materials their electric power to our parish from Riv Bend Nuclear Station in Saint Francisville, Louisiana in West Feliciana Parish which is only 18 minutes from where we are in Knutson, Louisiana. Some have to analysis for the cause of electric our company work with because this is usually where my second most well-known son performs. At this time Entergy is also using renewable energy including wind and hydro also in making some of their electrical.

Last year at the moment our electric bill was very high yet I lowered our costs this year simply by only using lights which can be needed at that time, by placing our AIR-CONDITIONING at 78В°, only employing our range on the range as necessary, and minimizing the usage of the microwave, certainly everything in our home is electric so that do cause some complications, some people merely walk out of a room and leave the sunshine on or perhaps go out of the doorway with the air flow on and leave the door wide open.

The idea of having heating essential oil or coal coming from Russia would place a change in a lot of homes, imagine spending close to $500-$600 just for signals, there would be a difference with all persons because this implies that the amount of time that it decide to use use your stove for cooking could change, however, time that is certainly spent on the internet for category or just just for fun would transform and all those times from using a television about just for noises in the background would need to end as well. Electric coming from Russia means a reduce of utilization because there is a raise in the price of oil, gas and fossil fuel.

Currently the debate that has my personal attention has to do with the usage of high ethanol gas. This gas supposed to be cleanser and reduce the emission via regular gas. Currently our ozone coating is steady...

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