Introduction to Marketing: Mid-Term Exam

 Introduction to Advertising: Mid-Term Exam Essay

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Professor Ambar Machfoedy

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This is a closed book, closed notes mid-term examination. You have 1 hour to complete this examination. Individual point allocation for every question can be indicated in parentheses. Factors allocation throughout questions is not the same, so please pace your self appropriately. As you go through the exam please do not get trapped on anyone question especially.

Please compose all answers in the blue test report.

Please note that the University takes seriously virtually any incident of cheating or perhaps other infringement of the Strict Student's Code of Conduct. You are advised to exercise the highest level of sincerity in completing this test.

For you to acquire any credit for this examination, this page should be signed and returned combined with answer booklet.

" We pledge my own honor which i have not violated the Stern Pupil Code of Conduct inside the completion of this kind of examination. ”

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1 . Which usually of the following statements about marketing activities is true? a. Marketing is usually affected by world and in return affects contemporary society as a whole. w. The marketing department works closely with other departments and employees to implement promoting activities. c. Marketing actions provide the customer-satisfying products necessary for the organization to survive and prosper. d. Environmental factors impact marketing activities.

e. All of the above statements regarding marketing actions are the case.

installment payments on your Which from the following statements about the marketing strategy era is valid? a. During the marketing concept era, firms tried to fulfill the needs of consumers while as well achieving the organization's goals. m. During the advertising concept age, companies tried to satisfy the wants of the customer no matter what. c. During the advertising concept period, companies presumed if you created as much as you can, at the best quality level, intended for the lowest selling price, the product will sell itself. deb. All U. S. companies are now functioning with a marketing concept era philosophy. at the. The advertising concept era can actually track its roots to early on Greek culture.

a few. A firm might choose to maintain or perhaps increase its market share, occasionally at the expenditure of higher profits when a. there are poor sales sources.

b. it is on the New York Stock Exchange.

c. you will discover unpredictable product sales expenses.

d. sector status or prestige are at stake.

e. pumpiing is present.

4. Several years ago the Honda Motor Firm unveiled the hybrid type of the Honda Civic. While the hybrid vehicles are very energy efficient, fortunately they are very expensive to buy. Hybrid automobiles sales have got increased above 570 percent with a mixture annual development rate of 88. 6%. Sales in the Civic at some point overtook those of the Toyota Prius, so that it is the number one hybrid car inside the U. T. For years Honda has knowledgeable tremendous accomplishment with their Accords—in fact, Honda cars happen to be repeatedly the most notable selling cars in the U. S. Wherever would the Honda Social (hybrid version) and the Honda Accord along with the BCG product profile matrix? a. The hybrid Civic might be a classified like a star, as well as the Accord will be classified a cash cow. b. The hybrid Civic would be considered a funds cow, plus the Accord would be classified as a star. c. Due to the overpowering success of Honda automobiles, both the Accords, and the cross types Civics can be classified as cash deer. d. The Civic would be a problem kid, and the Conform would be a money cow. e. The Civic would be considered a dog, plus the Accord will be classified as being a star.

5. Which will of the next statements regarding subliminal belief is true? a. The Federal government...

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