The Eastern Treasure Hotel-Resort and Amusement Middle

 The Eastern Pearl Hotel-Resort and Entertainment Center Article

DES 515: New Design being unfaithful - Thesis Research Writing " THESIS PROPOSAL DESIGN AND STYLE OVERVIEW”

Albia, Paul II R.

Nicart, Mark Elvin

Redona, Cyrine Jezille


Arch't. Andres Abusman, UAP


July six, 2013


Project Brand: " THE EASTERN PEARL Hotel-Resort and Amusement Center” (Leyte-Samar/Tacloban-Basey Two-way Resort and Amusement Center) (Note: The commercial brand of the task may be revised, therefore , unofficial)

Project Site: Tacloban, Korea - San Juanico Strait (portion) -- Basey, Samar

Project Occupancy Type: Educational/Recreational - Commercial - Non commercial

Planning Articulation: Complex - Clustered

New Style: Ultra modern(e. g. Organic, Biomorphic, Constructivist, etc . ) - Tropical -- Vernacular

Color Palette: White; Brown(wood); Grey(steel, tangible, stone, colored glass); Green(tinted glass, vegetation)

Material Assortment: Concrete, Metallic, Wood, Cup, Stone, Crops, Recycled materials(plastic, wood, and so forth ) ____________________________________________________________________________________

Design Concept: Banig(woven mat), Baloto(Filipino Boat), Taklub(bamboo apparatus used in getting crab, prawn & fish), Water(fluidity), Coconut(e. g. leaves/branch)

Design Beliefs: " A strong-hold social undividedness through vernacular style and modern intervention. ”

Design Aims:

1 ) To exhibit the sense of unity and cultural selection shared inside the Eastern Visayas region. 2 . To present cutting-edge and iconic services that will gain attention from the national and global communities. 3. To uplift the neighborhood and local economy through tourism and job for the Warays(local inhabitants of Eastern Visayas). 5. To show off the beauty of the iconic San Juanico Bridge and the natural beauty of the lands and waters of leyte and samar through zipline solutions. 5. To develop facilities that will not...

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