This Is a Feasib

 This Is a Feasib Composition



Qualifications of the Study

Pigs will be domestic pets or animals raised by simply most of people here and abroad. These kinds of animal is a source of chicken, which is widely used in the market. People in different walks of life consume pig regardless of the selling price it is available. Despite the issues about the consequence of pork in our body, this kind of food has been a part of our tradition while Filipinos, specifically during bringues and other special occasions. Because of the require of pig in the market, people begin to endeavor into hog raising organization.

Hog bringing up has become a well-known home-based business through time specifically here in the Philippines which is generally an agricultural region. Different kinds of pigs are elevated for consumption or advertising purposes. This sort of business offers proven to provide people a great source of income and it creates good income.

This feasibility study aims to determine the suitability of hog raising business within Negros Communautaire and eventually in all of Philippines. Each of our group will certainly undertake processes involved in venturing into this kind of business from raising to fattening and supplying to several markets, and group will likely undertake the processes of manufacturing distinct processed meats from pork.

Statement from the Problem

The goal of this analyze is to determine the feasibility of hog raising in Negros Occidental. It particularly aims to response the following queries:

1) What organizational composition is suited for a hog farming business?

2) What is the process of production of a hog farm?

3) What are the prospective markets with this kind of organization?

4) What would be the earnings plan for this kind of business?

5) What are the social and environmental efforts of hog farming?

Range and Constraint of the Analyze

Pigs would be the key element of this business. This study is going to focus on raising and fattening of pigs in line with these types of we will undertake the process involved in manufacturing processed various meats and also the way the waste of the animals may be processed and used in in an attempt to conserve energy and lessen the costs and expenses with the utilities inside the farm. Our company is only after the fattening, slaughtering and control meat to eventually supply in the goal markets.

Job Site(Vicinity Map)

CHAPTER a couple of


Oinky Porky is a singular proprietorship organization organization which is owned by simply an individual. The mission and vision in the business is definitely the path towards its goal.

This kind of chapter conveys the identification of the organization, its mission and eye-sight, goals and objectives, its structure and development, as well as the jobs to be provided for the Filipino people. This part also declares the policies, rules and regulations in the daily operations of the organization.



Oinky Porky Hog Farm building is focused on provide good quality, service and cleanliness through delivering and supplying healthy and disease-free pigs although securing the commitment to be an environmental friendly venture in the Filipino community.


Oinky Porky's thoughts are to:

1) To be recognized as the leading provider of good in addition to quality domestic swine and be able to get at least 60 per cent of the piggery market.

2) To continue to supply healthy and disease-free pigs.

3) To provide and attain customer satisfaction, staff satisfaction and cash goes.


1) To keep up the determination on for being an environment friendly venture.

2) To ensure on time delivery of the goods.

3) In order to realize present capital after 2-3 years.

4) To keep up affordable price when compared to benchmarking competition.

5) To enhance the livelihood industry in Negros Communautaire through the affect of our venture in the piggery industry.

6) To cut down cost and expenses with the use of pig manure to...

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