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First of all, you want to express each of our deep honor to Almighty Allah, who have enabled all of us to undertake this kind of important activity and to research about Pak Suzuki plus the Strategies to operate in Pakistan Automobile Industry.

We as well wish to admit the useful guidance given by our respectable teacher Mr. Naveed A Khan. He always enthusiastic and urged us in the completion of this report.

We could thankful to Mr. Abdul Aziz who may be the Production Manager in Pak Suzuki by Bin Qasim Plant Karachi and entire Pak Suzuki Administration. They appreciated the work of Bahria University Karachi Campus. They may have provided all of the relevant info as well as other info relating to the key independent variables.


In 1909, Michio Suzuki (1887-1982) founded the Suzuki Loom Works inside the small seacoast village of Hamamatsu, Japan. Business grown as Suzuki built weaving cloth looms pertaining to Japan's giant silk industry. In 1929, Michio Suzuki invented a new type of weaving machine, that was exported overseas. Suzuki registered as many as one hundred twenty patents and utility model rights. You’re able to send first 3 decades focused on the expansion and production of these remarkably complex equipment. Despite the success of his looms, Suzuki realized his company had to diversify and he began to think about other items. Based on client demand, this individual decided that building a little car could be the most practical new opportunity. The task began in 1937, and within 2 yrs Suzuki experienced completed a number of compact model cars. These kinds of first Suzuki motor vehicles were powered by a then-innovative, liquid-cooled, four-stroke, 4cyl engine. That featured a cast light weight aluminum crankcase and gearbox and generated 13В horsepower (9. 7В kW) from a displacement of less than 800cc. With the start World War II, production plans pertaining to Suzuki's fresh vehicles had been halted if the government reported civilian passenger cars a " non-essential commodity. " At the end of the conflict, Suzuki went back to making looms. Weaving loom production was given a boost when the U. H. government accepted the shipping of natural cotton to Japan. Suzuki's prospects brightened while orders started to increase by domestic linen manufacturers. Nevertheless the joy was short-lived as the natural cotton market collapsed in 51. Faced with this kind of colossal problem, Suzuki's thoughts went back to motor vehicles. After the war, japan had a wonderful need for inexpensive, reliable personal transportation. Numerous firms commenced offering " clip-on" gas-powered engines that might be attached to the typical bicycle. Suzuki's first two-wheel ingenuity arrived the form of your motorized bicycle called, the " Electricity Free. " Designed to end up being inexpensive and simple to build and look after, the 1952 Power Free featured a 36 cc, one hp, two-stroke engine. An unparalleled feature was the double-sprocket items system, allowing the rider to both pedal together with the engine assisting, pedal devoid of engine aid, or simply disconnect the pedals and run using engine power alone. Introduction

Following the terms of the Joint Venture Arrangement between Suzuki Motor Firm of The japanese (SMC) and Pakistan Vehicle Corporation (PACO), Pak Suzuki Motor Firm Limited (PSMCL) was designed as a community limited firm in August 1983. The new business assumed the assets, which include production services, of Awami Autos Limited. PSMCL started commercial procedures in January 1984 with the primary goal of cars, pick ups, vehicles and 4x4 vehicles. The groundbreaking service of the industry’s green field automobile plant at Bin Qasim was performed by then prime...


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