Trends in Technology-Based Learning

 Trends in Technology-Based Learning Essay

Technology-enhanced learning is the future. Though in the 1980's technology in the classroom was a new theory, today technology are available in Pre-K-College sessions. Teachers are using computers, iPads, iPods, tablets, and TELEVISION to help students learn. Since technology-based learning moves towards the future, fresh trends are emerging. There is still several fear about technology in the classroom. This leads to teachers are making personal technological decisions in the classroom. These teacher's habits have lead from a big change in students' learning environments. This is the result of a move in students' ideal learning environments, and the fact, that students need a greater usage of and more collaborative technology in their classroom.

Fears about Technology

Nowadays are the same because the fear of technology. " In education, a dichotomous perspective about technology is present: It is equally praised and ignored in schools and in teacher education” (Monaco 2009). As a immediate result of this fear, educators choose their own technological tools to further content material instruction in their classrooms. Inside the article, " A Closer Check out E-Learning, ” Tony Kulmann, a trainer and blog owner, claims e-learning is good for environmental surroundings and facilitates an company goal by improving teaching costs, lessening material costs, increasing production, and allowing for standardization (Anonymous 2012). With a schools facing a budget problems, teachers have been developing blogs, podcasts, websites, apps, and so forth to improve learning in the classroom. This kind of proves the helpfulness of technology-based learning for impoverished educators and their students by simply creating low cost, effective, standard learning. All over the place you see " teachers decide to make their own determined efforts to add technological expertise as a necessary part of their particular students' education” (Monaco 2009).

Enhancements made on Students' Learning Environment

Teacher's habits of using technology have resulted from a big change...

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