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Unit 8: Physical PerspectivesMarch 12-15


Social learning theory (SLT), cognitive approach, behaviorist approach, humanistic approach, psychodynamic approach and biological way.

Social learning theory (SLT) –

This learning occurs from remark, imitation or modeling of another person or perhaps role model. Modeling is definitely the process of imitating. We can also learn fresh behavior from individuals we meet or perhaps from the press. This is also referred to as observational learning developed by Albert Bandura. Individuals, organizations and culture have an effect on the behaviour of people in the society. An attribute of a person/model that may influence us to imitate is usually; gender, similarity to ourselves, social position, fame, competence and respect. This concept explains how the behavior toward others impacts their behavior towards us. For example , while we are polite and cheerful, people tend to act the same way back but when most likely aggressive or perhaps argumentative, persons behave in the same manner towards you. This is certainly linked to the learning from observation because people model particular behaviors that they can observe. The role theory is similar to the self-fulfilling prophecy because with this theory, we live within a particular culture, culture and norms that influence people differently. For example, the functions we're in would affect our behavior e. g. a registered nurse is anticipated to be skilled and nice while surgeons would be anticipated to be skilled not necessarily warm.

According for this approach, 'K' learnt his aggressive behavior by his father who was his role style at that young age and since his father was mostly around him as a child, he started imitating his dad to be popular among him and accepted. Since a child, he sensed the only way to prevent beatings by his dad was to become like him so this individual became hostile to his peers in school. Strategies or treatments that might advocated simply by psychologists would be to develop a close relationship with ‘K' and so he views you being a role style then you act in a wonderful way thus he can replicate. Also, educating ‘K' tips on how to express him self in peaceful and nonaggressive way can be carried out by helping with the romantic relationship between the daddy and boy. When their very own relationship gets better and the father conveys himself in a more civil fashion, ‘K' might observe and model what he views.

Assessment of the social learning theory (SLT).

One of the talents of this strategy is that individuals do learn by connection. For example , the experiment shown by Pavlov using a bell as a stimulation for your canine to drool. One weak spot of this way is that actions are reduced to simple associations; between behavior and environment. This theory ignores the cognitive elements that have been shown to influence behavior. Also, not all behavior is learnt. For instance, anger is a patterns learnt in respect to this theory but the biological psychologists could argue that human hormones such as androgenic hormone or testosterone cause anger. Cognitive Approach-

Cognitive psychology focuses on just how individuals procedure information, that they use it and in addition how these details leads to replies. In other words, intellectual psychology is definitely the study of mental procedure. Cognitive psychologists study cognitive processes that are perception, attention, memory, considering and vocabulary. Jean Piaget was the initial psychologists to make a study of cognitive creation. His theory shows that children are less competent thinkers than adults. Children are born having a very basic mental structure genetically inherited and evolved on which all learning and expertise is based. The aim of this theory is to clarify how the newborn and then your child, develops in to an individual who may reason and think applying given info. The appearance of computers gave intellectual psychology the terminology it needed to check out the human brain. This allowed psychologists to try and understand the complicated nature from the human mind. George Kelly's theory points out that...

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