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Linnette Nolte, RN, BSN, MSN

Sept 21, 2012

VARK Research paper

There are many styles of learning that are used by individuals. VARK is an acronym that stand for image, aural, read/write, and kinesthetic that is used pertaining to measuring a persons style of learning. These distinct learning models will be mentioned as well as strategies to improve analyze habits to best fit this authors learning style. Visual learners maintain information greatest when they are capable to use movement sheets, roadmaps, diagrams or models the moment learning new information. This kind of learner should observe the material in an desirable manner. The visual novice will do best if learning using photos, logos, designs, colors, or perhaps flow graphs. Seeing the picture as a whole makes it easier for the visual learner to make impression of and retain the data presented to them. The aural learner would gain best when ever having material explained to these people. Written phrases to them are not as conveniently retained or preferred since when getting the material described. This type of student prefers to listen rather than take notes. Aural learners benefit when they are capable of discuss the info needing to end up being learned. Read/write type students prefer to master by studying or employing list. This type of learner uses books, electric power point demonstrations, takes notes, and uses essays since learning tools. This kind of learner can read their particular notes repetitively, and can also be found to read silently, and may prefer their very own notes to be in list form. Aural learners will also rewrite concepts and basic principle that were discovered in the classroom in order to retain the data that was presented to them. Kinesthetic learners often experiment and use a more hands on strategy for learning. Some learning methods that the kinesthetic spanish student will use to retain information would be role playing, verbalizing with...

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