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Doug Layton, Impair Nine's president, want to invest in a dot-com stocks for future years. He specifically mentioned Yahoo, eBay, Amazon. com, and Yahoo!, although he said you could advise other companies. Doug wants you to do some Internet research to learn more about these Web-affiliated companies and their future potential customers. Background of the Case

Internet-based devices involve different hardware and software designs, but a typical model is a series of Web pages that provides a user interface, which communicates with database management software and a Web-based data server. While Internet-based trade continues to grow, job opportunities can expand substantially for IT pros such as Web-site designers, database programmers, and systems analysts. The surge sought after will come via dot-com businesses large and small , and from popular retailers.

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Using the Internet, consumers might be online to buy an enormous various products and services. The brand new shopping environment allows clients to do research, compare rates and features, check supply, arrange delivery, and choose payment strategies in a single hassle-free session. Many businesses, such as airlines, offer bonuses for on-line transactions because Web-based processing costs will be lower than traditional methods. By making flight info available online to last-minute travelers, some airlines also offer lower price rates on car seats that might or else go bare.


In utilizing a website to your company or your business, buyer can easily reach you and your product. They can easily give a feedbacks or recommendations and FAQs. When you don't have an online site or you are using the traditional method of business your competitors may be able to make the most of it to find more buyers. Because creating a website is like advertising without exerting any effort.

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I therefore conclude that having dot-com stocks in...

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