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The Eighth Worldwide Conference in Electronic Dimension and Tools


An Optimal Signals Layout Plan for Visible-Light

Communication System

Ding Deqiang1, 2 Ke Xizheng1 Xu Linpeng3

1 . Automation & Information University of Xi'an University of Technology, Xi'an, 710048, Cina (2. Xi'an Communication University, Xi'an 710106, China)

(3. Avic We Xi'an Flight Automatic Control Reaearch Institute, Xi'an, 710048, China) Subjective: The visible-light communication is a novel kind of optical wifi communication making use of the white-colored LEDs. Because

compared with infrared indoor interaction this system offers

high rays power to enable high quality of service to get the light is " visible”. Generally, there are numerous plural lighting installed within a room to get sufficiently lighting. So the layout of lighting determining the distribution of received power is a important problem



overall performance




interaction system. Through this paper, the relation between layout of lights and received electric power is researched and a best

scheme is definitely proposed to resolve the design of lamps layout, which

human body and electronic devices. Hence the

visible-light connection system is going to expect because

indoor cellular communication of next generation and

also takes in much focus [1][2].

A fundamental visible-light conversation system is

illustrated in Fig. 1 . Through this system there are two types

of lighting device. One particular used in optical down-link is usually

composed of various plural white colored LEDs, generally

which has a significant superficial place and an extensive angle of

irradiance. One other lighting gadget used in optic

up-link is composed of several light LEDs. Very low

White LEDs

is determined by ruse.

Keywords: Visible-light communication; White-colored LED; Lighs






one particular

Up Website link


Down Link

Up Link



White colored LED is definitely characteristic of low electrical power

consumption, long life expectancy, tiny in size,

ecologic dominance, and so on. The productivity of the

electro-optic conversion is usually reaching about that of the

fluorescent light fixture. Therefore , the white LED is

regarded as a strong candidate for the lighting inside the

next generation. Concurrently, the visible-light

communication is known as a new kind of optic wireless

connection technology applying white LED, which






communication much more advantageous than radio and

infrared marketing communications in terms of ubiquitousness,

transmission by ultra broadband and harmlessness for

1-4244-1135-1/07/$25. 00 В©2007 IEEE.


Fig 1 ) Schematic framework of a visible-light communication


small shallow area and a slim angle of irradiance

such as an electric torch. As we is able to see from the Fig. 1,

light LED isn't just used as being a lighting unit, but

also used as being a communication gadget. This dual

function is dependent on the quickly switching of LEDs and

the modulation of the noticeable light dunes for cellular

communications. For avoiding tailing effects and

illuminating room, generally there are several white

LED lights that are fixed inside the ceiling in

visible-light communication system. With all the position

of white LED lights changing in the ceiling, the

received optical power distribution is definitely not homogeneous

The Eighth International Meeting on Electronic digital Measurement and Instruments

however, receiver additionally height in a room. We

hope the performance of communication program at

every single point in an area maintains a much level, pertaining to

example the BER (Bit Error Rate) is less than 10-6.

This means the received power determined by the

lights layout in a place ranges on the narrow field. So

the lights structure is an important component affecting the

performance of visible-light conversation system

and it is required to study the optimal lamps layout.

The remaining of this conventional paper is arranged as

comes after. The optical channel style is referred to in


References: Reorganization, Journal Of Zibo College or university. Vol. 3, No 5,


[3]T. R. Craig J. Meters Kahn. Cellular home link. Wireless infrared

communications, 85(2): 265–298, 1997.

[4]S. Karp R. M Gagliardi. Optical Communications. Ruben

Wiley & Sons, Nyc, 1976.

265-298, 1997.

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