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Encounter Clinical Optimization

Vitera Intergy EHR enables you to easily access medical information and supplies you with a customizable system that gets used to to exisiting workflows. With specialized web templates for major care, OB/gynecology, cardiology, orthopedics, pediatrics and many more specialties, Intergy EHR quickly adapts for the needs of virtually any size or type of practice. Designed by clinicians and software experts to adapt to your current work flow and increase overall practice efficiency, Intergy EHR is easy to learn and implement to help you focus on featuring quality look after your individuals instead of paperwork. And because EHR use varieties the foundation intended for meaningful make use of incentives in the years ahead, physicians can leverage Vitera's proven devices and expertise that has helped hundreds of doctors successfully testify. Key Features:

•Online Access and Maintenance of Patient Chart

Manage affected person charts in electronic format, virtually removing the problem of lost and misplaced chart. Enable certified staff to access patient medical records on the web, in real time via multiple locations •Simplified Ui

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