Sony PSN Data Leakage

 Sony PSN Data Seapage Essay

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PlayStation Network Data Leakage:

One of the Largest Data Security Breaches of all time

Heng File suit Chin


The University of Hong Kong

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This kind of paper was prepared intended for CCST9029 Cyberspace Crime: Technology and Values, taught simply by Dr . K. P. Chow, tutored simply by Ms. Vivien Chan. PLAYSTATION NETWORK INFO LEAKAGE 2


PlayStation Network, called PSN, can be described as free online platform for users to play and buy online games, connect to friends and family and surf the net offered by Sony Pc Entertainment, Incorporation. On 19th April 2011, PSN was struck by hacker and this resulted in an outage of PSN. It had been believed that approximately seventy seven million users' personal information was stolen by simply hacker. This case is highlighted because it strongly depicts the void of data leakage and its effect to the users. I will first of all discuss how PSN functions and how it was hacked below technical analysis. Subsequent, I will feel on several legal issues which Sony broken in certain countries and some examination on several countries' court action against Sony. Lastly, I will analyze the ethical concerns pertaining to the case.


PlayStation Network Data Leakage:

One of many Largest Info Security Breaches in History

PSN is a unified online game playing service offered by Sony Pc Entertainment being used with it is video game games consoles. In the early on stage, Volvo did not offer any unified online support for its users. There was zero support to get network features and no interoperability between game titles. Then, PSN was created and it dished up as a online platform intended for users to try out and buy free online games; interact with family and friends from all around the world; and surf the internet. On 19th The spring 2011, users of Playstation 3 or xbox found out that PSN solutions were straight down. What induced this outage? Sony believed that the outage was due to an " external intrusion” to PSN and Qriocity music loading services (Kohler, 2011). Fiat was required to turn off PSN and bring in outside authorities to perform an investigation around the incident. Finally, on twenty sixth April 2011, nearly weekly after the outage, Sony confirmed that it " cannot rule out the possibility” that users' personal information had been compromised. It was found that Sony would not store users' personal information with encryption which might have generated easy access to 3rd parties. Likewise, users were not pleased with the delayed access by Volvo regarding attack by " unauthorized person” (Sony's blog). Technical Issues: How PlayStation Network Works and How It absolutely was Hacked? Just how did a great " illegal person” compromise PSN? Fiat did not describe how their systems had been hacked, but many people presumed that cyber-terrorist attacked PSN through a software called Rebug (Anthony, 2011). For PSN to operate, it requires a firmware, which in turn acts almost like an operating system just like Windows. Software updates are often released simply by Sony in order to fix insects in PLAYSTATION NETWORK DATA LEAKAGE four

previous firmware; or to supply a new main system for PSN to are better with functions. However , at times hackers will make an unofficial new or perhaps modified variation of firmware, or referred to as custom firmware, to provide new features or to unlock hidden features, providing substitute routes pertaining to users to perform third party applications. To stop hackers hijacking PSN, Sony continuously releases software updates therefore PSN web servers are more protected and also to guarantee custom firmware users simply cannot access the web. In Drive 2011, Sony released one more firmware, Rebug, which had a loophole; it allowed PSN to be easily accessible to builders. Hackers applied it to fake credit-based card details on PSN. This loophole was undetected because, with the assumption that developers had been logged in, Sony would not check the id of the " developers”....

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